Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen" during logging in market from Apad, try to change the time in home settings. If your Android phone or tablet is rooted, uninstall Google Play and install it again. I keep getting a server error when I try to access the marketplace from my FT2. Fix An unknown network error has occurred in Instagram for Android|Tablet-an unknown network error has occurred instagram-an I changed it and it worked. ... How do I fix error code -24 in Android? Ask Question. Select Applications, then choose Manage Applications. This is a problem with the servers of Apple. I get get the I did click retry by the way.. Error 18 has been around since late 2015 ... or there is some sort of server error. I got past the terms of service page, but it won't load the applications page. "An error 498 has occurred while communicating with the server, ... Error 498 in Google Play Store Fixes. Open Outlook on your Android device. All other apps work, like browser, youtube, emails.. Only market isn't working. " An unexpected error occurred. Generally, the questions are framed like: I receive a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error exception while trying to browse my hosted web application. In this article I will tell you how to get rid of this error. The Outlook for Android Engineering team advises us that the fastest way to move forward with this issue, is to reach out to support directly through your device. Check your server address and data connection Follow the way to fix Google play store server error in case you are suffering from this issue very often. Google sync: "Can't establish a reliable data connection ... resets and all app I had were freely down loadable from android market. Method 5: Connect the phone to a computer using a data cable and open Google play store in Computers browser. If you see the error message 'Connection failed' on your Android phone or tablet, use this article to resolve the issue. ... Google Marketplace Server Error Discussion in ' ... android market Server Error, This is another common error that troubles a lot of ASP.NET users. How To fix Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package. Posted By: ... Android Market Share; Android Rumors; ... but when i start android marked I just get "Server error occurred, ... "An error has occurred. I am not entirely sure what this means. The error 'Client/Server Conversion error' The solution below should permanently resolve the error "Client/Server Conversion error" on devices with the Android operating system. How to fix the No Connection Retry error after upgrading the Android Market to Google Play RodneyDickson. Android Market "network error has occurred..." fixed - posted in aPad Android Tablet Discussion: When you get this error: "A server error has occurred. ... Go to Android > Data > WhatsApp. "A server error has occurred. a server error has occurred android market, ... a server error has occurred retry or cancel, a server error has occurred retry or cancel it says "A network error has occurred. When i got the new android market now when i go into the market and then go to my app to check for updates i get an error message (a server error has 3. ... "A server error has occurred.